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I suppose there are many people who use Click for Donate sites regularly but most of us don't remember to do it so often. Usually these sites ask you to set them as your browser's start page to help you remember to do the clicking, but if you are like me you want to have a search engine or a portal as your start page rather than having a click for donate site pop-up every time you open your browser. To make things easier I asked a friend of mine to write a simple script that allows you to have a search engine as your start page, but the first time you open your browser each day you will be taken to a click for donate site instead.

It works like this. First you set your browsers start page to point at a certain page (I will show you how and where in a minute). The first time you visit the page you will be redirected to a click for donate site. When you are redirected the script will also save a cookie on your computer and writes down when you have visited the click for donate site. If you visit the same page again the same day (by pressing the home button for example), the script will remember that you have already done your clicking for the day and will redirect you to a search engine instead.

Please note that the script simply counts 24 hour periods. If you visit the click for donate site in the evening and then you open your browser the next morning you will not be taken to the click for donate site even though it is a new day. The script does not recognize that the day has changed, it only redirects to the click for donate site if full 24 hours has passed. This ensures that no matter which click for donate site you use and how they count the days you will not be taken to the site if you can't do the clicking yet.

Your browser must have Cookies enabled, otherwise the scripts will not work.



Go to Tools>Internet options... Then set your homepage to the following address

This will give you a temporary homepage at Soulworx donation, if this has been visited already during the 24hr period then you will be redirected to immediately.

Easy as that!


I would like to thank Juuso Voltti at for his help with this script!