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      The charities below all allow you to donate money just by visiting their web sites, without spending any of your own money. The charities get paid from sponsors who pay a fee for each banner advertisement that is displayed. Every time you visit the site, a donation is automatically made to that charity. Dont forget to return and donate again!!
            If you would like to come back regularly, click here to find an easy way to remind you!            
       You can also Click here to visit the Worldwide Fund for Nature website, and here to visit the World Society for the Protection of Animals' site or here for the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Help fund animal sanctuaries for free!!

Help to save the rainforest for free!

Help to save the whale for free!!

Help stop the combustion of fossil fuels!!

Help save the rainforest for free!!

Help save the Big Cats for free!!

Help save the Rainforest for free!!

Help in the race to save the oceans

Help primates in danger!

Help unwanted animals

Or visit the worldwide fund for nature home site..